Nightmares and Boners was a blog about sex, dating, and everything in between. When I started writing it the dating blogs I'd come across were overwhelmingly straight and very lurid. While I love a disgusting story as much as the next person the things I wanted to be able to explore different avenues with my blog. It never occurred to me that my blog would become a springboard for further writing or that I would find myself in national newspapers talking about sex. The only reason I wrote it was because I wanted to untangle the knots in my mind that had built up around relationships. Over the next five years I wrote about trying out non-monogamy, getting my heart broken, meeting a lot of really weird people, and sending a lot of needy, sometimes incomprehensible, late night texts to people I was dating. The blog closed in 2014 when I found out I had breast cancer. Unsurprisingly I wasn't doing a lot of dating.


Selected highlights

The intensely personal nature of my blog means that many of the pieces I wrote for it would feel strange on this website, intended not to be a window into my soul, but a portfolio of my work. Below are two pieces that I feel capture what Nightmares and Boners was about without breaking your or my heart.