Cash Rules Everything Around Me

As a broke, on benefits, un-funded, writer, cash money is the most amazing help I can imagine. Money lets me pay my bills on time. It might let me pay off my debts. It puts food in my mouth, shoes on my feet. Sometimes it even means I can leave my borough, go to a gallery, and even buy booze.

You can donate via PayPal here: paypal.me/sarcastathon
(PayPal doesn't require you to have an account, you can use your card!) 


Or rather, wish lists. You won't get access to my hopes and dreams, but you can help me buy stuff if you're not someone who likes giving money. Do put a note with it, so I can say thanks!

As an organised person, my wish lists are divided by function:
Books: You gotta be a reader to be a writer! 
Home: My flat is in dire need of some love. 
Dog: If I were richer I would build him a home like Paris Hilton's dogs have. 
Misc: Tchotkes, fluff, and fun stuff.