Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe was born and raised in north west London.

She went to a series of perfectly ordinary schools, then decided not to go to university and found herself working in fashion (exciting) doing mostly admin roles (less exciting). During that time she began writing a blog called Nightmares and Boners about dating, sex, and how dreadful those two things are in the modern age. The blog ran from 2009-2014 and won a Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Award in 2011. 

Eventually on a whim she applied and was accepted onto the Creative Writing master's programme at Birkbeck. During that time she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a gruelling six months of treatment. It was more horrible than you can even imagine. Through sheer stubbornness she managed to graduate on time, in 2015. Since then she's been working as a freelance journalist, and self-publishing chapbooks.